The Crossings Community

The Crossings community is led by a very active Property Owners Association (POA). The mission of the POA is to promote the health, safety, and welfare of the residents and lot owners within the Crossings and provide for the preservation of the values and amenities in the community and for the maintenance of its roads and other common properties. The POA is managed entirely by volunteer community members. In addition to the formal programs and activities of the POA, we have numerous community events and activities hosted by many individual members. The POA and its members maintain close relations with our local and regional communities, including through civic, social, and business organizations throughout the region. Please find links to some local and regional events and attractions on the side of this page.

The Crossings POA is formed as both a "Limited Expense Liability Planned Community" homeowners association and a non-profit membership corporation under West Virginia law. Each property owner is a member of the Association, entitled to active participation in the management of the community and the enjoyment of its many benefits. The membership oversees the operations and activities of the community, holding an annual meeting of all members, while active day-to-day affairs are managed by a Board of Directors elected by the members every two years and various committees that are appointed by the Board. The Crossings POA is an all-volunteer organization and its continuing success as a flourishing community depends on active participation by members in all roles. The rights and responsibilities of the Association and each owner are set out in the community's publicly recorded property Declarations, its articles of incorporation, its bylaws, and in the Crossings POA rules and regulations. The Owners Rights and Responsibilities document on this page provides a helpful overview for potential owners.

Acting primarily through its Board of Directors, the Crossings POA maintains and administers the community's programs and facilities; administers and enforces the community's property Declarations (aka restrictive covenants); assesses and collects dues from members; and promulgates rules and regulations to fulfill the POA's mission.  Many of the active programs are coordinated by volunteer committees. 

Health and Safety
Our community is part of the state 911 emergency response system. Emergency services are provided by the Slanesville Volunteer Fire Company with backup services from the Paw Paw VFD Company. We have established GPS sites for emergency helicopter response. There are 11 community defibrillators  located at homes and common areas throughout the community. 

There is a gate and camera at the community entrance which provides us the ability to review vehicles entering and exiting the community in the case of a security incident. 

Maintenance of our roads and community areas is a top priority for our community and POA Board. We have a road service contractor that maintains the road surface and gravel. In addition, our roads are snow plowed as warranted.

Common Area and Grounds
The aim is to maximize the recreational potential, beautification and maintenance of all The Crossings common areas and shared spaces for the use and enjoyment of members and authorized guests through community input and involvement. The common areas include the gate entrance and three common areas including the Pavilion and Yucca park. Finally, we have a volunteer effort to maintain Loy and Cabin Run roads through the Adopt-A-Highway program.

Architectural Control
To protect our property values, all new construction is controlled  to insure that community bylaws are adhered to and so that we maintain the natural appearance of our beautiful community.

Entertainment Events
The Crossings has an active social calendar with a variety of events intended to entertain and strengthen the sense of community.   Many of these events are POA sponsored and some are coordinated by property owners. Some of the past events include an annual community picnic which coincides with the property owners meeting, cornhole tournament, band concerts, movie nights, 4th of July fireworks, Octoberfest, stargazing, and an old-fashioned 4th of July picnic.

Ecosystem Management
The sustainability of our forest and wildlife and the quality and quantity of our water are of vital importance to the Crossings community. We have had Eco initiatives focused on ecological concerns such as the health of our forest, deer overpopulation, surface and groundwater resources, invasive species, and regional industrial activities potentially threatening our community such as Marcellus Shale.

Firewise Program
The Crossings is a nationally recognized Firewise Community, one of only 3 in the state of West Virginia. 

Contact Information

For additional information or inquiries please email [email protected].