WV Fishing Regulations Summary

For those who like to fish: You'll need a fishing license while fishing the Cacapon River at The Crossings

The WV Fishing Regulations Summary booklet

Don’t forget to download your WV Fishing Regulations Summary! For your reference, WV DNR fishing information is available at http://www.wvdnr.gov/Fishing/Fishing_regs.shtm. It is updated annually.

Get & use your fishing license, available in 3 categories: resident, non-resident, lifetime.

Fishing licenses are not required under certain circumstances, such as: for residents or nonresidents under age 15, and for residents who turned 65 before 1/1/12. But be sure to have your driver’s license with you for verification if requested.

A few reasons to download the latest WV DNR Fishing Regulations Summary:

  • Online resources:

After hearing about the need from anglers in an online survey, DNR personnel collected lake depth data and processed new bathymetry maps for 35 lakes across the state. These maps are now available on the interactive fishing map and downloadable to print or take with you on your mobile device. Also, anglers can now access the real-time streamflow conditions from the U.S. Geological Survey on our interactive fishing map. The real-time information allows anglers to check on flow and make decisions about whether fishing conditions are ideal before heading out to a stream or river. Visit wvdnr.gov/gis for more details and links to the interactive map and other map pages.

  • Regulations Summary by Species
  • Regulations that Apply to Special Areas or Special Species
  • Float Trips Fishing Sites and Descriptions
  • Water Trails Fishing Map
  • Public Fishing Access Sites
  • Angler Alert Regarding Aquatic Invasive Species
  • Consumption Advisories
  • Sport Fish Identification poster